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AOP Industries

AOP Industries is a manufacturer of floating and trunnion ball valves as well as check valves and gauge & needle valves.

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  • in Floating Ball Valves

    AOP Industries offers a wide range of threaded and flanged floating ball valves. AOP's F Series floating ball valves feature two-piece body and bolted construction, fire-safe design, stem lube fitting and weather seal and optional anti-static feature.

  • in Gate Valves

    AOP Industries is a manufacturer of slap gate, floating seat, rising stem, full bore through gate valve conduit designed to work in a wide assortment of environments. These valves are designed to comply with API 6A and ISO 10423 standards and come in several sizes.

  • in Needle Valves

    AOP's line of needle valves includes a variety of soft seated designs, featuring threaded bonnets with locking pin, o-ring stem seal, back seat stem design and factory lubricated standard. AOP also carries metal seated types in 1/4" and 1/3" sizes.

  • in Trunnion Ball Valves

    AOP manufactures their D Series Trunnion ball valves in a 2-piece cast body with a side entry Trunnion mounted ball valve. These D Series valves come in sizes 2” through 12” full port ANSI classes 150 to 900, and 2” through 6” reduced port ANSI class 1500 and API 6A class 5000. All Trunnion valves are available with either a lever handle, gear operator, or bare stem for actuation.