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Shut-off Valves in Pennsylvania

  • Springer Pumps

    Springer Pumps supplies poly air actuated shut-off valves manufactured by Banjo. These shut-off valves feature 3/4", 1", and 1 x 3/4" pipe sizes, maximum pressures of 70 psi, and pressure difference of 15 to 20 psi. Shut-off valve types include poly pinch and viton pinch, some of which feature a female coupler.

    State: PA
  • Simtech

    Simtech USA manufactures manual shut-off valves and no lube manual shut-off valves. Both shut-off valve types feature a compact thermoplastic valve to be used with a minimum of hand, foot or knee pressure. Suitable for most harsh chemicals, the valves feature NPT threaded or MPT threaded connections, and nominal size ranging from 1/4" to 2".

    State: PA
  • DFT Inc.

    DFT Inc. manufactures sanitary shut-off check valves designed to prevent flow reversal within industries with strict cleanliness codes. Available as vertical or horizontal, the shut-off valves are available in sizes ranging from 0.5" to 3". The valves feature horizontal cracking pressure of 0.23 psig to 0.54 psig.

    State: PA
  • General Air Products

    General Air Products manufactures ASME safety/shut-off valves that are bubble-tight to within 10 percent of set pressure. The valves feature set pressure ranges of 75-250 psig, 25-350 psig, 50-350 psig, 50-250 psig, and 25-300 psig. The majority of the shut-off valves are design for high temperature applications or system where large flow capacities are required.

    State: PA