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Pneumatic Valves in New Hampshire

  • Gemini Valve

    Gemini Valve manufactures numerous pneumatic valves in a variety of sizes and configurations. The 76, 86, and 96 Series, for general industrial use, come in 0.25" to 2" diameter sizes and support a 720 psi cold working pressure (C.W.P.). Meanwhile, the 82 Series tube compression valves offer an alternative to high pressure models for applications which require 1,000 psi or less. Finally, with 300# class flanges, the full port steel Series 98 wafer ball valves are rated to 720 psi at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 300 psi at 321 degrees; with 150# flanges, they are rated to 275 psi at 100 degrees and 200 psi at 365 degrees.

    State: NH