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  • Velan

    Velan produces an extensive line of gate valves such as cast steel valves, corrosion resistant valves, knife gate valves, pressure seal and bolted bonnet valves, and small forged valves. Cast steel valves accommodates a bellows assembly. Corrosion resistant valves features a flanged and socket weld/threaded design. Knife gate valves includes a line of bolted bonnet metal seated gate valves, bolted bonnet resilient seated knife gate valves, standard metal seated knife gate valves, and standard resilient seated knife gate valves. Line of pressure seal and bolted bonnet valves accommodated designs with bolted bonnets, seals (bellows, pressure), flexible wedges, bolted covers, parallel slides, tilting disc, and piston. Small forged valves features designs with bellows seal, cryogenic, extended body bellows seal, and extended body.

  • Asahi/America

    Asahi/America distributed type P gate valves with gate valve options including stem extensions, locking handles, electric actuation up to 3 inches, FKM seals, chain operators and 2 inch square operating nuts. Their gate valves is available in a size range of 1.5 to 14 inches, high impact PVC body, flanged model and EPDM and/or FKM seals.

    State: MA
  • The Weir Group

    The Weir Group offers its slurry knife gate valves in WB and WS series. The WB series are slurry knife gate valves with a wide body and heavy duty designs. The WS series are slurry knife gate valves with a wafer style. WB series ranges in size from 18 to 54 inches, and 2 to 24 inches for the WS series.

    State: WI
  • Viking Group

    Viking Group features gate valves with a non-rising stem and OS&Y and resilient wedges as well as indicator posts. Product include flanged NRS gate valves by Kennedy. The line of gate valves includes OS&Y resilient wedge, OS&Y, resilient wedge and clow resilient wedge gate valves.

  • Edwards

    Edward's Vacuum provides a line of ISO gate valves, CF gate valves and BGV (basement gate valves) stainless steel gate valves. ISO gate valves are available with manual or pneumatic actuation, flange styles and reed switches. CF gate valves are available in manual or pneumatic actuation and flange styles.

  • MDC Vacuum Products

    MDC Manufactures gate valves and gate valve assemblies by manufacturing each component such as the actuator, carriage and valve body. A wide range circular gate valves are offered in sizes ranging from 5/8" up to 12". Other features include TIG welded internal body joints, electropolished interior and exterior surfaces and dry film lubricated bearings.

    State: CA
  • Weyvalve Inc.

    Wey Valve's line of knife gate valve products includes several styles of high performance knife gate valves including models with pressure ranges up to 1440 PSI. These valves are built with materials such as cast iron and titanium and can be custom built as well.

    State: MS
  • Pentair

    Pentair designs and manufactures a variety of gate valves including resilient seated and high performance gate valves. Pentair valves are designed to ASME B16.34, API 600 AND BS 1414 and are offered in sizes from 50mm to 1800mm.

  • GNB Valves

    GNB is a valve manufacturer that offers gate valves that are made from stainless steel or mild steel and are available with several options such as pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or manual actuation, several different flange configurations and a choice of roughing, gauge or view ports.

    San Jose
    State: CA
  • AOP Industries

    AOP Industries is a manufacturer of slap gate, floating seat, rising stem, full bore through gate valve conduit designed to work in a wide assortment of environments. These valves are designed to comply with API 6A and ISO 10423 standards and come in several sizes.

  • Clow Valve

    Clow Valve manufactures double disc gate valves in 2" up to 48" sizes. These valves are constructed with heavy rugged proportions for extra strength capable of withstanding significant pipe strain and prevent shifting. The valves operate with two-point, free-floating wedging and only two points of bearing.

    State: IA
  • IAC

    IAC is a valve manufacturer that offers electric valves, manual valves and pneumatic valves in a wide assortment of configurations. Other products include butterfly valves and diverter valves as well as knife gate valves with metal seats and quick disassembly options for frequent cleaning.

    State: KS
  • Shan-Rod

    Shan Rod manufactures a variety of gate valve products in various sizes. Models include the 5000 series Bonneted gate valve, 5100 Bonnetless gate valve, 5200 Bonnetless wafer gate valve and the 6000 series Special gates.

    Berlin Heights
    State: OH
  • Makalu

    Makalu offers gate valves in four different models. The GV-001 features a threaded gate valve with full bore design, 200 psi, stainless steel body and 1/4 to 2 inch sizes. The GV-002 features a flange end gate valve with outside screw and yoke design, rising stem, non-rising handwheel, integral seat rings and 2 to 12 inch sizes. The GV-003 features a screwed gate valve with 200 psi WOG, thread kinds of NPT, BSPT, and BSP, stainless steel and carbon steel materials,  and 1/2 to 3 inch sizes.

  • Tiangong Valve Co, Ltd

    Tiangong Valve Co. manufactures valves and gate valves, for multiple heavy-duty industries including textile, metallurgy, petro-chemical and electrical power.